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Our balloons are proudly crafted from natural latex, a high quality, plant-based rubber material,

making them an eco-friendly choice. This latex is sourced from rubber trees without causing harm,

collecting the milky sap responsibly to create sustainable balloons.

Shop with us and embrace a greener option, knowing you're supporting the environment. 

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Welcome to Pimp My Balloons, where imagination knows no bounds!

Leave the stress behind as our award-winning team, Tam and Trev, craft unforgettable balloon experiences from start to finish. Featured on Channel 7's 'Blow Up Australia,' their expertise shines through in every creation.

From elegant wedding installations to captivating corporate decorations, organic balloon garlands to mesmerizing balloon twisting entertainment, and even jaw-dropping giant shopping centre sculptures – we do it all! Balloon gift deliveries, helium bouquets, balloon archways, pillars, and so much more.

Pimp My Balloons, where every event gets a unique twist!

For inquiries, drop us a line at or send us a message via our contact page.

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For our birthday helium bouquets and table centerpieces, please click here.

Or feel free to explore our further range of options through our pricing tab in the menu bar.

As a member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, we are committed to the

responsible use and disposal of balloons.

To protect the environment from unnecessary litter we do not support the release of balloons.

We urge our customers and others to share our commitment by not releasing balloons

into the environment.

We would love to help you find a good alternative to balloon releases which can be easily and

responsibly disposed of after your event.

For more information visit

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We've designed our own very cool clothing line!

We could never find enough fun and quirky clothing for entertainers, so Balloon Dog Apparel was born!  

If you're looking for something really fun and to help you stand out in a crowd,

check out

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